Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

We understand how difficult it can be organising a group trip – dealing with all the participants ( and parents etc). It is our aim to make the booking process as simple as possible and our terms & conditions reflect this. A summary of the main points is below.

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  1. All group quotations are provided by our central reservations office in writing detailing hostel, pricing and room types available etc. Hostel, room type availability and prices quoted are subject to availability at time of making a confirmed booking.
  2. We can make a provisional booking for your group to guarantee availability and prices quoted to you (this will allow time to source flights etc). All provisional bookings must be advised in writing and an expiry date agreed.
  3. In order to fully confirm a group booking – a 25% booking deposit is required – NOTE – this deposit is fully refundable should your group have to cancel their booking for any reason up to four weeks prior to arrival date.
  4. The final payment for group bookings is due 4 weeks prior to arrival date.
  5. Two weeks prior to arrival date – we require a name list of all participants in your group ,their estimated time of arrival at the hostel we have booked for them (so that they know who the group members are and what time to expect them at the hostel at) and group leader name and contact telephone number.
  6. Groups of 8+ persons are required to fill in a code of conduct form upon check in at our hostels and leave a full refundable security deposit of € 20.00 pp. Provided no damage is caused at the hostel during the group stay – the security deposit will be refunded in full on check out. If damages are caused the management of the hostel will liaise directly with group leader on site re covering for damages. In these booking terms and conditions the words “you” and “ your” refer to the group leader (or Agent) – who accepts these booking terms on behalf of all persons in the group. By accepting the terms & conditions the group leader ( Agent) confirms that he/she is so authorised and that all group members agree to be bound by these booking terms and conditions. The group leader must be at least 18 years old. Group leaders are responsible for organising all payments due to Celtic Group Hostels.

These terms and conditions apply to groups with max fifty participants – for groups with over fifty participants (i.e. university tournaments – please contact our reservations department for special terms and conditions)


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